Our locations and animals


Since summer 2019 we can be found in Bindersbach valley, which is south of Annweiler. We have paths suitable for handicapped people or wheelchair users, a public bathroom and several mobile home parking spaces with water supply and disposal facilities.

There are great hiking opportunities such as Trifels castle or the Klettererhütte (a cabin in the woods which serves food and drinks for hikers). Afterwards, our guests can use the mini golf facility next door or the adventure playground in the beautiful Markwardpark of Annweiler. Our beautiful city center of Annweiler can be reached in a five minutes walk.

Meeting point for hikes in Annweiler:

Driving towards Annweiler Bindersbach there is a parking space on your right hand side (after the mobile home parking spaces). You will see our pasture right in front of you. Walk up to the right until you see a small wooden bridge to your left. Cross the wooden bridge and walk up the hill. You will see our entrance to your left.

Our llamas in Annweiler >>


Our pastures are in the middle of the beautiful nature of Völkersweiler. Starting point for some wonderful tours through the Palatinate Forest.

Please note, there are no facilities available.

Meeting point for hikes in Völkersweiler:

We will meet at the graveyard in Völkersweiler. We will pick you up and take you to the pasture. This is about 5 minutes by car. Therefore, we ask you to wait with your cars so we can continue driving.

Our llamas in Völkersweiler >>

Bad Bergzabern

Ab Juli 2021 sind wir mit unseren Tieren auch in Bad Bergzabern vertreten. Standort ist auf dem Liebfrauenberg beim Kloster Liebfrauenberg.

Toilets are not yet available.

Our location in Bad Bergzabern can be reached by train. I is a 30 minite walk (1,58km) from the train station..

Meeting Point for hikes in Bad Bergzabern on Google Maps

Please wait at the parking lot. We will pick you up and take you to the pasture.

Our Llamas in Bad Bergzabern >>

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